Get complete information about 7 online business ideas, due to which you may earn your dream internet money or your dream income to make your life easier.


Online Business Ideas

Online business ideas

              I want to show you the top 7 online business ideas to make ten thousand dollars per month. Okay, so it’s actually said that one in every four Americans actually earn an income online. 

            Now the problem is a lot of those people are doing surveys. They’re just doing like maybe it’s like Uber stuff. They’re selling random stuff in their house,so the problem is a lot of those people are only earn maybe 100 dollar a month, $200 a month at max.

          As so many people searching the internet and because of these a lot of people are making their career in online businesses by using lots of online business ideas . Literally billions of people on platforms like Pinterest, tik-tok, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Facebook, Facebook groups etc. people are on and they’re searching all kinds of topics.

              Whether it’s how to lose weight with intermittent fasting, whether it’s how to bulk up and get shredded on only a vegan diet. It’s kind of a sub niche or maybe it’s to gain confidence to ask girls out.

              Literally thousands of different topics people are searching online to learn how to do stuff. Especially with the you know what is going around people are stuck in their homes. You know they’re wanting to know how to knit, they’re wanting to know how to cook.

            They’re just trying to kill time. People are bored and most importantly people aren’t consuming the internet more than ever. 

7 Online Business Ideas

 1st Online Business Idea -Video editing and thumbnails for youtubers

First business idea from 7 online business ideas is something that’s already really big and it’s only gonna grow more and more. It’s said that by the end of 2020 that pretty much 90% of the Internet is gonna be all videos. What this business idea ist’s learning a unique skill set which is doing video editing internship and youtube thumbnail size and youtube thumbnail dimensions.

               So there’s so many youtubers that are stuck all day like filming videos kind of like this and they don’t have time to edit their videos they don’t have time to make their video thumbnail and a lot of these youtubers goals is just to grow their channel as a top channel.

                If you can develop a unique package where you give them video editing services, you do video thumbnail for them ,you do like to set packages and now you can charge them. You know five hundred to a thousand per month depending on how many videos they post per month on their top channel.

             But that channel is making around five thousand per month and you can help them to grow their channel by 20% 30%. Because, if you’re adding better editing, you’re adding better video thumbnail, they’re gonna be happy to pay you, anywhere from 500 to a thousand dollars.

2. Freelance Digital Marketing

Number two business idea from 7 online business ideas gonna be freelance digital marketing,. If you don’t want to do these skills like video editing internship , you just want to focus on earn money. That’s kind of what I like to do: marketing, the sales for it. What you can do and a lot of people don’t really know about this is it’s called freelance digital marketing.

              So if you ever think of, like let’s say flipping products on eBay. I’m sure some of you guys have done that or you flip products on the Facebook marketplace you buy it off Facebook and you sell it on eBay for a higher price.

            Well it’s the same exact thing with these freelance digital marketing. There are so many services out there whether it’s SEO, whether it’s website building, whether it’s Instagram management, social media content, video editing internships

           I just said you can develop a client that you want to go after maybe it’s YouTubers again and you can go sell them your video editing internships and instead of you do the services. You’re just gonna outsource it to someone on up work or maybe Fiverr depending on the person. 

          So that’s a thing you can do and there’s literally hundreds of different services around freelance digital marketing like I said whether it’s Facebook ads, lead generation, you want to do affiliate marketing jobs for an agency you can do that. 

            So it’s a pretty clever way to make internet money because this way you don’t have to focus on any of the skill sets, you just have to focus on getting the client and that’s all you really have to do and you can keep the profit in between.

3. Affiliate Marketing Jobs best Online Business Ideas

Number three business idea from 7 online business ideas gonna be affiliate marketing jobs.

What is Affiliate Marketing Jobs ?

  Affiliate marketing jobs is kind of broad. There are so many different ways to make money with affiliate marketing whether you’re running Facebook ads, whether you’re running Google Ads or you’re just you know making free videos on the internet or you’re posting stuff on tik-tok.

How to do Affiliate Marketing Jobs ?

           The point is to go into a certain topic, a certain niche. So maybe your niche is lost weight with intermediate fasting. Well what you would do is you create a simple lead magnet and you give this away to people to collect their email .

            Now once they’re on your email list this is where you can start giving them content around what they opted in for. So from this example lose weight with the intermittent fasting, now you want to go look at popular blogs, popular YouTube top channels and give them similar content or maybe have content of your own you want. 

            You just  give tips to them around losing weight with intermittent fasting. The point is to kind of pick a niche that you’re familiar with and  let’s say you build up an email list with around 5,000 people well.

            Now you can do a simple email sequence right now. Maybe it’s a five-day promotion campaign for the month of April and you’re selling some type of product that’s gonna help them lose weight with intermittent fasting.

           So it’s very congruent to what they originally opted in for and there are all kinds of products on Clickbank. You can find there are all kinds of outsider affiliate programs around losing weight.

How to Earn ?

          Maybe you want to partner with a personal trainer and do more local marketing that way . Again you can get really creative with affiliate marketing jobs but basically the point is just going into a certain topic of people. 

           So like I said with my email of around 5,000 people you couldn’t expect to make anywhere from realistically anywhere. From three to five thousand per month usually. On my email list  every email I have, generates me anywhere from one to two dollars per month and the point is just to keep on giving those people value, keep on giving those people offers and continue to build up that list. 

You may also go with shopify affiliate program, Semrush affiliate program, Siteground affiliate program, bluehost hostings, Amazon affiliate and many more.

4. Facebook Groups Membership Programs

Number four business idea from 7 online business ideas gonna be Facebook groups membership programs.

What is meant by Facebook Groups Membership Program

 Now this is actually kind of similar to affiliate marketing jobs believe it or not, because what you’re doing with this is all you want to do. Is you want to again go after a certain topic of people, maybe it’s people who want to lose weight with the vegan diet or maybe it’s people who want to learn to be a copywriter or for example, I wrote on my notes here you could start like a funnel Club.

          So for example you could go start a private Facebook groups and I’ve actually heard this is kind of a rumor but eventually, Facebook groups are gonna give you the option to charge members to join your group.

           Now that hasn’t happened yet but once that does happen this business model is gonna be a lot easier and it’s gonna be a lot more normal because, if they’re if customers are paying on Facebook they’re gonna trust it a lot more and you’re gonna be able to collect those payments.


            Now the way to do this right now since that option is unavailable. It’s probably coming towards the end of the year, but the way you can do it now is you can just take them through a simple funnel kind of just like affiliate marketing and instead of recommending a product to them you’re just selling a monthly membership.

             So kind of with this you got to get creative it really depends on the niche because you want to be able to give them something every single month. So a funnel Club is a good business idea for this, because if you start you know just a Facebook groups around funnels and maybe you’re charging 19 dollars a month.

How to do ?

            You don’t have to do it super expensive just something to help people maybe it’s just  beginners get started with their funnel and what you could do in this group is for example you could do reviews of their funnels once a week and then also you can give them one new funnel per week so you can give them done-for-you funnels and then you can also give one training per week.

             So basically for just $19 per month they’re gonna get four new funnels every single month for the views  of their funnels, they’re also gonna get four new pieces of training every single month.

            A lot of people if you have a decent skill set at building funnels and making them look good and converting them well right a lot of people are gonna pay you for that because it’s just, it’s not that expensive and you’re giving a lot of value and one of the biggest benefits with this business model is you have a predictable income.

           You know how much internet money you’re gonna make each month. If you have a thousand people signed up to your $19 per month  membership you’re gonna be making 19 thousand dollars per month and sure few people will cancel here and there but overall you can predict your income each and every month which gives you just way more stability and security and knowing that you’re gonna have an income that next month.

             That’s why Facebook groups membership programs are just a really good way to make fast money.   

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5.Online Consulting or Coaching

Number five business idea from 7 online business ideas is gonna be online consulting or coaching.

What is online coaching ?

    I’m sure you’ve heard this before and a lot of people will tell you to do consulting around like let’s say digital marketing internship. Maybe it’s the local businesses that are like the most popular one people do, but a lot of people don’t know and especially with people being kind of quarantined right now, what’s happening is if you look on the Google Trends online tutoring has spiked like crazy.

Scope in this Online business ideas

               So, what this means is people are looking to learn how to do stuff. Online education is becoming very very popular and especially with virtual reality coming to place. I think it’s gonna overtake college and schools, that’s my personal opinion, but I know online tutoring, online coaching is gonna be a big thing and as long as you have a specific skill set. 

              Maybe it’s just you’re teaching people how to do video editing jobs?  There are actually people who do fortnight coaching and they’re making a couple thousand dollars per month coaching.

              Some other examples are like maybe you’re good at math, you could be a math tutor or maybe you speak English well or you speak Spanish well you could tutor people how to learn a language online through a zoom call.

  6. Omni Branding Content Service

What is Omni Branding?

Number six business idea from 7 online business ideas is I was starting from scratch right now I need and I need money now or I need to make two thousand per month and I didn’t have really any time, I needed it this month,I need money fast this is what I would do this all my business ideas right here. I kind of made up the name but it’s called Omni branding content service.

         Basically what you’re gonna do here is I said there’s all kinds of youtubers and making content or maybe it’s just people on Instagram and this doesn’t have to be this could be any niche whether it’s Fitness, Health, dating, finance, make money, online marketing all kinds of different niches. 

              Well these content creators preferably YouTube for this one is people are making these videos. Well what you could do is you can go grab one of these content creators videos and let’s say it’s a 10 minute YouTube video, now what you could do is you could split up that video and give them digital content that they can post on their Facebook page giving them content, they can post on their tik-tok, giving them content they can post on Instagram, turning that video into a blog post so the name Omni presence or Omni branding.

How to do this online business ideas ?

             Omni presence or Omni branding  is you basically get one YouTube video and you turn it and do ten pieces of content across all the different platforms. Now this is a super valuable service because it’s kind of time consuming to do this especially for a content creator.

             They’re usually focused on making more content all the time so if you can go to them and say

            “Hey, I grabbed one of your YouTube videos and I made you a tik-tok and I made you a piece of content for tik-tok, Instagram ,your Facebook get your Facebook group a blog post. For you, would you like access to them “ and you just give that to them for free and that’s gonna be super valuable.

            It’s like an irresistible offer you’re giving all this value for free and they’re gonna be like ,“can you do this for me more often because a lot of them what they’re doing is they’re making a YouTube video for YouTube and then they’re making separate tik-tok videos, then they’re making separate content for their Instagram. 

           So if you can just get one piece of their content and spread it across all their platforms and do that in a done-for-you service and you can even outsource this I’m telling you guys this is a great way to earn money.

           You can charge a thousand dollars per month for the service and like I said I’m not a lot of people are doing this. It’s really in demand so that’s the six online business ideas to make you do around ten thousand dollars per month.

7. Mobile-Friendly Websites easy to earn Online business ideas

What are Mobile friendly websites?

The next one we have here this is the last one business idea and this is gonna be mobile-friendly websites.

Now hear me out it said around 10 percent of local business websites are not mobile-friendly. Now that doesn’t sound like a whole lot but, taking into consideration that there’s over 30 million businesses, 30 million local businesses in just America.

          That’s around 3 million websites that are not mobile friendly. So with this in mind and also with the other thing in mind that 95% of people who visit a web site or on their mobile phone so all these bit these 3 million businesses that have web sites are basically useless because you know they’re just outdated bad looking websites that aren’t mobile friendly and people just go to their competitor that does have a mobile-friendly website. 

How to Scale this business idea ?

        So what you could do for these businesses is you could offer them basically just a mobile-friendly website. You could offer them you could sell it for like a $500 or $200. You can even give it to them for free. Then you up sale them other services that will make you more money.

         Services like Facebook Ads, lead generation, content creation, social media management, SEO. You can go back to online business idea number two and do digital marketing internship.

            For example, you can go create a website for ten businesses, let’s say and you can just have a template. You can make it really fast you pick one niche you’re going after maybe it’s chiropractors.

           So you have a nice mobile-friendly chiropractor website template. Now you can go offer that template to all these local businesses that don’t have mobile-friendly websites. Then once you develop that trust with them. Once you can get them on the phone, you can upsell them other services.

          You can also put their website on a platform like a builder and once they sign up to the platform . You’re gonna get a recurring commission, because they’re paying for their hosting on their website.


This all are the 7 online business ideas which help you to make money without job. As today’s world is changing very rapidly. So because of that the online business ideas that we suggest you are going to become the upcoming future.


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